Sunday, 3 February 2013


Everyday I change a little bit.
Renewing my cells and learning new words to form thought bubbles in my head.
I'm changing slowly I'm sure of this.
Becoming the person I want to be.
A person who is kind and patient.
Who doesn't stress so much about screaming babies and barking dogs.
A person who is counting their blessings and adapting an attitude of gratitude.
Slowly it's happening but sometimes I don't seem to notice.
Sometimes I loose my cool and became angry.
Sometime I hate my grey hairs and wonder why my face looks old.
Sometimes I change my clothes and sometimes I don't.
Sometimes I wish  I would change my hair.
Sometimes ? I wonder to much about things that make no sense and things that do make sense.
In any case I'm changing slowly for the better.
A fragment of myself that I have lost or has it  just evolved into something new and shiny.
Like gold  glitter sparkling in an envelope,a message to keep shining.
Like gold teeth and a sparkling diamond.
Shimmering ever so brightly like the sun over the ocean.
Swimmingly swimming  under  the dazzling brilliance  of the moonlight.
I smile to myself about all my silly thoughts.
  Me :)