Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What is it all about ?

More and more I've been thinking about what it is I want to achieve with this  blog.What is this blog about and what purpose does it serve me.The answers I came up with are these,this blog is my place of refuge,solace,inspiration,motivation,pouring out my heart in an open honest way,introspection and escape from the  mundane life we all experience from time to time.I have 2 little children and sometimes they drive me insane and sometimes they don't let me sleep at all.Most days I wake up lost and foggy from lack of  sleep but somehow  I muddle my way through my daily chores.I suppose we mothers  have to do that,we don't have the luxury to just go back to sleep and let everything fall apart to much.Kids first then housework but housework can always wait.I have learnt to live with so much mess, spew,crying,screaming,tantrum's and things breaking.It is all worth it specially when your children gives you a wonderful gift, a heart warming smile and heartfelt giggly cuddles,everything seems ok again.The tiredness seems bearable,the messy house looks like fun instead of a nightmare.The screaming and tantrums seems reasonable,I'm kidding here really !
One day I'll look in the mirror and think you are looking fresh baby instead of resembling a tired old wilted rose but not today.So getting my coffee on like I do everyday.Actually I must cut down on my caffeine intake as it's making me a little jittery here and there.
So my word  for today is motivation.So I'll get cracking right after I have this coffee.
Ramdom fact about me I like pretty floral coffee cups.

Monday, 7 January 2013

The peace warrior's magic

  • Hello 2013,please be good and kind to me.
  •  2013 sounds like a magical no,I hope so and will make it so.
  • Last year was a difficult time for me and I have learned a great deal about myself.I have learned attributes about  myself that I don't like and also things I do like about myself.I have learned to be a peace maker and at the same time cultivated the heart of a warrior.The warrior spirit is based on courage and standing up for what you believe it.Sometimes it is a very difficult thing to do when you are at odds with family members,I am a warrior who prefers peace.So I must peacefully state my opinion which isn't always easy to do.
  • So  here are a few more things I have embraced as valuable life lessons:
  • Every pain  needs time to heal and to just let it be.You cannot  just rush  and get over whatever heartache  you're harboring without time and working on healing.There must be acceptance in every situation we don't like,Acceptance is a hard one for me to take in.I am slowly  learning to accept situations that I don't enjoy or have no control over..
  • Bathe in the glory of the sun and play in the wilderness to nourish your  spirit.
  •  We all need a little magic.The moon hanging above the inky blue ocean at dusk is  a magical place to visit.
  • Nourish your heart with divine  love and  laughter.
  • Cleanse your soul in water.Drink plenty of water.
  • The journey is yours alone but friends and others can offer wisdom too. 
  • Wishing everyone a beautiful happy 2013 xo