Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Today I'm learning to let go
To Let go of past worries,present worries
To let go of my anxiety about the future
To let go of my troubles,heartache and stress
I surrender myself to my higher sacred self and I trust that the universe will provide for what I  need.
The process and journey is daunting.It might drive me crazy sometimes but I caught a glimpse of it's eternal beauty and calmness today whilst seating on my couch thinking about my disheveled self.
Thank you for revealing yourself to me.
You will find your own solace and harmony amongst the chaos, just calm yourself and be still.
 Listen to your inner wisdom and it shall be beautiful.
Explore the wide open road to your heart and soul,if you find your road is narrow,don't worry it will get bigger as long as you don't give up.
You have a map to your heart,read it with excitement.

The gypsy mermaid called out  to the sea for help and the sea responded by sending her to the surface to view the most magnificent amber sky.                                 

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