Friday, 22 March 2013

I don't have the perfect things.

 I don't have the perfect house or toes and I like the colour green.
My house is usually in disarray , the floor is littered with children's books;little cars and an assortment of kitchen utensils to mention a few.
Sometimes my kitchen table is hiding under a mountain of finished and unfinished craft projects.
I don't have  the latest gizmo's which I don't mind at all.
My kitchen, in fact my whole house is decked out in those ugly venetian blinds
those ones where animals or kids can get stuck into it and twist and bend it out of shape.
I won't be posting pictures of a picture perfect world of  extraordinary culinary delights.
No pics of uber cool modern furniture with names like Easme's or a replica of so and so
because we don't own any.
I might post a picture of things I like but don't own, as we can and all enjoy marvelling at the beauty of things and objects.
I won't be getting  excited about rewallpapering  by downstairs bathroom because I don't have one.
I only have one bathroom and my wallpaper is the paint peeling of it,very shabby chic or whatever.
This is isn't a home/living blog,I don't have expensive things and rant about being poor.
I might be white middle class or closer to the truth I think  that I'm low class but doesn't mean I'm low class or  ineffectual in the sense that some people perceive it.
I don't even have the perfect prose or toes
but I am creative and thrifty and that's the way I like it.

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